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Master how to apply job successfully in 2019

Master how to apply jobs successfully in 2019 Applying for a job online can be a confusing process, especially as it varies for each and every employer. Here’s a run-through of how to master that online job application process, all the way from constructing your CV to finally hitting that send button. Your CV The first step in applying for a job online is actually crafting your CV. It might seem like a fairly straightforward process, but you shouldn’t take this step too lightly. A well-written CV can put you miles ahead of your competition. Think of it as a first impression. You don’t want to overthink it; otherwise you may look like you’re trying too hard. You shouldn’t dismiss spending some time on perfecting your CV either though since you only get one shot to make a first impression.
Keep it specific You need to be clean and concise in your CV when it comes to applying online. There are certain things many job-seekers think will make their CVs stand out, but are in fact better left ou…