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Top 20 Questions asked in an interview.

Congratulations, you have been called for an interview, that means you wrote an impressive CV, and your Cover Letter was appealing enough. Now it’s your turn to show up and impress in the interviewer. But how do you answer the interview question the right way? There is no way to tell the questions you will be asked at the interview, but here are the top 20 common question you will likely be asked and how to answer them. It is good to be extra prepared when going for an interview; give it all your best. 1-Tell me about yourself.

This is probably the most asked question in an interview. It breaks the ice and gets you to talk about something you should be fairly comfortable with. Have something prepared that doesn’t sound rehearsed. It’s not about you telling your life story and quite frankly the interviewer just isn’t interested. Unless asked to do so, stick to your education, career and current situation. Work through it chronologically from the furthest back to the present.

2- Why are…

Top 5 free tools to create Cover Letter online

When you’re looking for a job, the employer will want to see your cover letter and your curriculum vitae (CV). These online tools can help you create a professional cover letter for each of the jobs you’re applying to.
A cover letter is a one page summary of your skills, and work experiences. To create a cover letter online, you must submit information to your application template. you can even import your data from LinkedIn and Facebook as well. The complete cover letter, you can view it online or download in PDF, Word document. There are several websites offer free service to writing a cover letter for job seekers and employers. This article covers the top 10 websites to make a cover letter or build a free cover letter online.

1. Cvshaper – Cover letter Generator
This website offer CV writing services, moreover it offer a free cover letter generator, in this site no sign-up is needed.
2 Resume Builder
Another great website for cover letter creation, to be able to submit y…