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How to Download or Print

The page is set in a way that, if you print it will print out in a well aligned manner.

How do you Print?

Any browser you may be using, have a built in function for printing, so if you hold Ctrl (Control Button) and press P, a print setting will pop out, select your printer and print. You can also click the menu of your browser and select print from there, and then select your printer and print.

How to download Pdf?

Download a pdf document of the CV /Resume is as same as printing, the only different is the printer you select. 
So first, you need to have one of these pdf software installed, Primo Pdf or Foxit Pdf. If you have any of them installed, you for the print procedure, only that this time you select a different printer, and that should be either Primo Pdf of Foxit Pdf, then click save, the pdf file will be saved in your gadget.


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